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Semi-automatic pipe cutting machine 355

Performance characteristics           

It is suitable for sawing carbon steel, stainless steel and other thick wall steel pipes, solid bars and other special-shaped materials.           

Can 90 degrees tangent, right 90 degrees -45 degrees to 90 DEG -30 DEG bevel.           

The vertical slideway is stable with the feed tool, and the tool life is long.           

High efficiency mechanism drive decelerate and eliminate springback, which is suitable for heavy cutting.           

Specially designed clamp, strong clamping force, reliable and safe.           

The slideway is lubricated automatically, smooth and long life.           

The machine has a strong structure, small vibration and long machine life.           

The cooling liquid is automatically circulate to ensure smooth surface and long life of the saw blade.           

Cut sawdust centralized processing, easy maintenance.           

Standard equipment           

Basic machine           

Oil pressure system           

A set of simple stalls           

A group of standard fixtures           

A set of maintenance tools           

Equipped with special (to be revised)           

Special-shaped clamp           

Feed rack  

Technical parameters:
  HVS-355AC HVS-375AC HVS-400AC
  90 degrees 45 degrees oblique tangent 90 degrees 45 degrees oblique tangent 90 degrees 45 degrees oblique tangent
ф110 ф110 ф110 ф110 ф125 ф125
110*110 95*95 110*110 95*95 125*125 100*100
160*80 110*80 160*80 110*80 160*80 100*100
100*100 95*95 100*100 95*95 100*100 100*100
ф65 ф55 ф75 ф55 ф100 ф0
65*65 50*50 65*65 50*50 80*80 75*75
Multiple use special clamp. The size of the tube. 2-7 can be sawn at one time. Special fixtures are made separately.


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