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Manual type pipe cutting machine MC-275F

Metal circular saw machine           

European high strength machine head, high efficiency worm, worm gear drive, so that the sawing rate is high, no noise, no hair edge.

The manual feed is adopted, the head can be turned 45 degrees to the left and right, the angle is clearly marked, and the 45 degree -90 degree -45 degree reference column is added to make the adjustment easier, with manual two-way clamps, automatic cooling system and manual shift gauge.           

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No hair, no dust           

Bilateral two-way clamps make the workpiece smooth and smooth and without edge. It is low noise and low pollution when sawn.           

Accuracy - Fast - clean           

The cutting precision cutting speed exceeds the band saw and saw at the same time, clean cut without heating, saving two processing.           

Oblique or slot            The head can be adjusted for angle cutting and milling groove. The angle is accurate and the pipe interface is perfect.           

Cooling pump            The circulating cooling system has a large capacity oil storage barrel to ensure the life of the saw blade, and the cutting surface is smooth.           

Standard equipment: a set of standard fixtures a set of standard gauge and a group of maintenance tools           

Technical parameters:                   

Cutting capacity (mild steel as reference)
Blade position
90° 45°
90° 45°
90° 45°
80 60
110 80
110 80
75*75 50*50
100*100 90*90
110*100 90*90
75*75 50*50
100*100 90*90
110*110 90*90
75*90 50*60
90*110 90* 90
100*120 90*90
38 25
55 45
75 50
38 25
50 40
75 50


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