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SB38CNCX5A-3S NC pipe bending machine

Performance characteristics:           

1, the use of touch screen, numerical control module, dialogue operation, program setting easy.           

2. The structure of the bed is stable, and it is not easy to deform.           

3, each file can set 16 curved pipe angles, and the memory can be stored and stored in 560 sets of files.           

4, set up the positioning function slowly, the repetition accuracy is up to 0.1 degrees           

5, the error message is displayed on the screen, helping the operator to remove it immediately.                        

The CNC pipe bending machine has the following characteristics in the field of control.           

1. Electronic control system: the famous Japanese controller. For example: MITSUBISHI company produced the Yaskawa servo driver, servo motor, positioning module, CPU... Etc...., high performance, good stability.           

2, MITSUBISHI super large CPU can accommodate 400 groups of file editors. If insufficient, can buy transfer software installed in the computer, the file is stored on disk, unlimited expand edition groups.           

3, the industrial computer type WINDOWS operating system is matched with the MITSUBISHI server service system. In addition to MITSUBISHI servo drive advantages, the convenience of file management more WINDOWS operating system. Files can also be stored in hard disk or soft disk magnetic sheet, unlimited number of expanded editing groups.           

4, with automatic detection error and fault function, and display on the screen, it makes the operator easy to exclude obstacles.           

5. All processing data are input from the touch screen.           

6, each arm can be a different material because of bending set compensation value, speed, release clearance.           

7, with a pipe bend can separate each write 5 action sequence, 10 speed, allows the operator to use collocation. Improve the working efficiency and reduce the interference point of the pipe.           

8. The touch screen can be switched in both English and Chinese. It shows that the language of his language can also be ordered in accordance with the demand.           

9. The feeding method can be sent or pinching for different needs.           

10. The connection printer can print out the information shown on the screen.           

11, the feeding location, safety location, interference location and location of the guided mode interference can be adjusted manually and automatically, and the loss of human error and machine collision can be eliminated.           

12, the feed shaft will be automatically detected before the action, to avoid collision with the machine.                        

Main technical parameters:  

Project model SB-38CNC
Maximum applicable carbon steel pipe           
An example of the bending radius 1.5D
Φ38 x 2.0t
Maximum feed travel (b) 2000mm
Feeding mode Direct delivery
Maximum bending radius
Maximum bending angle 185°
The number of pipes for each pipe 16 bend
Can set the document file number sense of taste fittings 200
Working speed
Bend speed Max.30Degree / second
Tube speed Max.180Degree / second
Feed speed Max.700mm/ second
Fine degree
Bending angle ±0.1°
Tube angle ±0.1°
Feed length ±0.1mm
Data input mode Work value (Y.B.C)
Power of rotating tube servo motor 750KW
Feed servo motor power 1KW
Oil pressure motor horsepower 10HP
Machine weight (kg) 1400KG
Machine size (CM) 380 x 130 x 75


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