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SW38 type double head automatic pipe bender (not transposition)



Performance characteristics:           

1. The control system is divided into the common PLG type and the touch numerical control type, and it is flexible to choose.           

2. According to the different base of the base, it can be divided into standard type and rotary type.           

3, manual, automatic, semi circulation, full circulation and other functions for personnel selection.           

4, PLG control, import electrical components, user programs do not need to keep the battery to keep, never lose.           

5, mobile pedal switch, with automatic start, emergency stop, tight stop three kinds of continuous functions, high security.             

6, two sets can be operated separately or at the same time.           

7, different bending radius can also be processed at the same time, and the scope of application is wide.           

8, the bending pipe clamp ability is strong and the processing is accurate.           

9. It can be processed at the same time at the same time, and the efficiency is high in the cycle operation.


Main technical parameters:

Specifications and models 38 42
Motor power 5.5 5.5
Oil pressure capacity 120 120
Oil pump displacement 17 22
Maximum pressure of the system 14 14
Maximum bending capacity Φ38 x 2 Φ42 x 2
Applicable bending radius 38-200 42-250
Double bend center range 170-1450 170-1450
Maximum bending angle 185° 185°
Bending speed 50° 50°
Primary pipe number

Φ13 x 3

Φ19 x 2

Φ15 x 3

Φ25 x 2

Machine weight 2200Kg 2700Kg
Machine volume 2700 x 900 x 1350 2700 x 900 x 1800


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